"It's just Chewie hollering a triumphant 'Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!"

When the galaxies align, you might catch the woolliest shredder of them all: Chewbacca! 

Don't let the snowy peaks of Hoth fool you, there's a #Wookiee on the loose, and he's got a snowboard!

From the deep forests of Kashyyyk to the alpine slopes, our f Wookiee has swapped his Bowcaster for a @Burtonand he's crushing it! ❄️

He's carving up the mountain faster than Han Solo making the Kessel Run.

There's no icy terrain too challenging for Chewie's snowboarding skills. Even the Tauntauns are stopping to stare! Swipe left to see Chewie hit the slopes in true intergalactic style.

And remember, if you hear a distant roar echoing through the mountains, it's not an avalanche - it's just Chewie hollering a triumphant 'Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!' 🐾🏂

#Chewbacca #StarWars #Snowboarding #WinterWonderland#GalacticAdventures #WookieeOnTheSlopes #streetart#MayTheForceBeWithYou #streetartvietnam

+ This .001 of .001 Street Art Piece is for sale. contact; JSPC@wanton.is for more information.

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