Karma Will Find Her Way


To: Someone I thought, I knew,

Here I am, hunched over the machine in the dim light of dawn, with a mind swirling in the high-octane cocktail of betrayal and enlightenment. Our saga, once glowing with the neon promise of raw, uncharted love, now fizzles out like a dud firework, leaving behind the stench of charred hopes. What a cruel farce we’ve danced to!

Your latest missive, dripping with faux tenderness and crocodile regrets, hits me like a sucker punch, demanding a deep dive into the psychedelic nightmare of our union's unraveling. It's high time to peel back the veneer, to sift through the smokescreen of words unbacked by the meat of action that could've given our tale some semblance of reality.

Our odyssey kicked off on the mutual delusion of a love that could transcend the mundane, a belief as flimsy as a house of cards in a hurricane. As the veil lifted, the harsh daylight exposed the infrastructure of our bond as nothing more than a shoddy construction of lies, propped up by the empty poetry of your supposed affection. Your love, as it turns out, was as substantial as the ether - all talk, no backbone.

The bombshell of your marital entanglements, once cloaked in the comfortable shadows of omission, exploded in my face with the subtlety of an acid trip gone awry. This revelation, laying bare the grotesque imbalance of our investment, was a cold slap of reality - I was the lone sucker at your two-timer’s ball.

The summoning for your presence in May wasn't just a whim for companionship but a crucible, a test of our bond's integrity. Your response? Deafening silence, a void that swallowed the fantasy whole, leaving behind the bitter aftertaste of a joke taken too far.

Thus, this isn’t merely a sign-off to a love I was duped into believing but a dirge for the phantom I mistook for a soulmate. The sting of your betrayal is a wound that won’t easily fade, etching into my psyche the grim portrait of your selfish escapade disguised as romance.

Opting to linger in the safety of your matrimonial harbor while leading me on a wild goose chase through the mirage of 'us' has crowned me the fool, the architect of my own heartbreak, constructing a monument to naivety on a foundation of your fabrications.



It’s a bitter pill, realizing I was nothing but a pawn in your twisted game, a side show in the carnival of your duplicity.

So here I am, drafting this epitaph of our farcical liaison, not with a heart swollen with malice but with eyes wide open to the grotesque comedy we played out.

This letter is the curtain fall on our shared delusion, and the clarion call to my emancipation from the chains of your fanciful fiction.

Let this be the testament of your deeds, an indelible mark of the chaos you've wrought, and my vow to rise from the ashes of this debacle, wiser and unchained.

In the stark light of this grim dawn,

- Shaun

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"Listen up, what's the time?
Said today, I'm gonna speak my mind
Take me up to the top of the world
I wanna see my crime" -- Oasis.