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As the narrative of Levon Eames unfurls, it's almost as if Kansas City itself becomes a character in this story of duality and deception. The skate parks, those sunlit stages of youthful exuberance, transform nightly into the backdrop of a much darker play, where Levon stars as the strategist in a ballet of burglary.

Indeed, how can one not marvel at the poetic justice of it all? By day, Levon crafts his skills among the ramps and rails, witnessed by the awe-filled eyes of the public, while by night, he applies those very skills to navigate through the shadows. The irony is as rich as it is thick—a double life lived in plain sight, yet cloaked in mystery.


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And as spectators, are we not drawn irresistibly into this narrative, this dizzying spin of moral ambiguity? We watch, fascinated, as Levon glides from light into shadow, his skateboarding tricks mirroring his sleight of hand in the unseen world of his nocturnal activities. We find ourselves cheering for him, this hero-villain, as he pirouettes past the very bounds of legality, a rogue on wheels.

What a spectacle, where every concrete playground of daylight serves as a rehearsal space for the night’s more illicit performances. Levon’s life blurs the line between the adrenaline of sports and the thrill of the heist. Is he not, in his way, an artist? His canvas is the urban landscape, his brushstrokes bold and defiant, painted under the cover of darkness.

So we lean in closer, our hearts caught in the suspense of this dual existence. Levon, the skateboarder by day, the strategist by night, compels us to question: What is heroism? What is villainy? Perhaps they are but two sides of the same coin, flipping endlessly in the air, just like Levon himself, spinning over the concrete waves of his dual domain. How marvelously, thrillingly convenient.


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Said today, I'm gonna speak my mind
Take me up to the top of the world
I wanna see my crime" -- Oasis.